Big Cat Safari promises to give you a glimpse of wildlife like no one else can. If there were a synonym for ‘experiencing wildlife without compromising your comfort and luxury’ it would be called the Big Cat Safari, for sure! Leveraging the multiple tie-ups with major national parks around the country, our team is dedicated to providing you a wildlife experience that is thrilling yet comfortable. Not only do we provide safaris of all kinds around these national parks, Big Cat Safari aims to be your one stop solution for your accommodation needs and so much more.

A team that is focused on ensuring your comfort, safety and convenience, we have gone around these national parks on our own and have dug out the best out of them; be it wildlife or the local folklore that the location prides itself of.

Come, see wildlife up close with Big Cat Safari.

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We Ideate

Before we take you to the uncharted journey to wildlife safari, we experience it ourselves without simply relying on the feedback from others. We provide safaris to multiple national parks and sanctuaries within India and at each place we have a team who has explored these locations by self for years. With us, you don’t only see the spectacular wildlife but also hear local ancient stories and myth of those locations.

Our focus has always been to provide you full experience keeping your comfort, safety and convenience in consideration while selecting best options for transport, safari, local guide, accommodations, timing and other options. You will be accompanied with highly trained, experienced and humane team to make your experience completely enchanting and memorable for a life.

We Create

Big Cat Safari places guest’s choices at fore front while designing the itinerary for expedition. And we believe in tailoring it for every guest since each individual may have own choices. So we don’t follow, one size fits all approach and thus we don’t have standard cookie cutter packages. Before designing a package, our team speaks with you and understand your expectations, we offer tailored suggestions and design one perfect getaway for you.

Big Cat Safari team respects your choices, budget and time. Thus we don’t force you to take pre-made packages. We create a package which meets all your expectations and make your trip truly memorable in every possible way.

We Share

What’s the recipe of the fascinating experience? Apart from wildlife experts, we have a local and regional guides which will share information about flora, fauna, culture, heritage and history of the place. You get to explore local life and relish local cuisines. And when you combine all together, you get your perfect wildlife experience.

Big Cat Safari fills you with memories and knowledge which you will cherish for a lifetime. You will have personal attention during your trip and you will miss being with us once you go back.